Listener Email: Luthor Drama
21 Mar. 2019

Listener Email: Luthor Drama

Abby wrote in to share some thoughts about the Supergirl season four episode titled, “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”!

This is probably my FAVORITE episode of the whole series! I loved all of it! The writing was great, there were twist and turns, purple suits, superhero suits, and of course…Luthor drama! The opening sequence flashback was one of the best scenes, as Katie and Jon played the sibling dynamic so well, and the camera angles and music were great. I can’t wait for Supergirl to be a part of the Luthor drama next episode.

The only thing I struggled with during most of the episode was Lena’s quickness to help Lex. We are told that he has been contacting her for weeks. I wish we could have seen more of that because how many times has Lex tried to assassinate Lena? When Lena said she wanted to save Lex, it brought me back to season two when Lena told Kara that some people can’t be saved. That being said, also in season two, Kara told Lena that Lillian is still her mother and that she should visit her in prison. Poor Lena. Can’t catch a break and this time, her hands are tied so she can’t pour any scotch to drink.

As we saw the Luthor sibling relationship, we also got to see Lena’s relationship with Brainy and Alex. Brainy once again mentioning “Little Boxes”, and Alex mentioning her trust in Lena. If Alex does get her memories back, I hope that trust does not go away. I also really liked all of the Alex and Kelly scenes and sadly, Kelly did have a point in not trusting the Luthor name.

Speaking of the cure, I’m so glad Lena told the doctors to get out as what she was doing was illegal. I wonder what will happen in that regard? After the Guardian legal drama and last episode, I don’t have must confidence in the show following the legal books.

– Abby

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