Listener Email: Lost in the Logistics
01 Feb. 2019

Listener Email: Lost in the Logistics

Danae wrote in to share some thoughts on the Supergirl season four episode titled, “Blood Memory”!

Hey, Super Ladies!

I really liked this episode!

Seeing Kara and Alex at odds is tough, but it’s really interesting for now. And Chyler is acting the heck out of it. I’m a bit lost in the logistics, though. Last week, I thought that Alex didn’t know that Kara is Supergirl, but now she also doesn’t know Kara is an alien? I am wondering if Alex remembers why Kara became part of the Danvers’ family to begin with. To other people, Kara says that her parents died in a car accident, but could J’onn have placed that memory in Alex’s mind? Or, does Alex not remember Kara joining the family at all? And, why is she so against aliens? Didn’t her parents teach her better? Anyway, as long as we get a nice storyline out of it, I will get through these confusions.

As for the Nia storyline, I really loved it. Getting to know her family was great and I’m really sad she lost her mother. But, I am curious to see her working together with Supergirl.

The only thing that I didn’t really like was the James and Lena stuff. Mackenzie’s story was just shut down without James asking Lena where the lost money went. Lena asked James last week to be her moral guide in this project and now, he is already ignoring his better judgment. I believe the right moral thing would’ve been to ask her the questions he needed to know so that he could warn Lena about her mistake if she made them. But instead, he ignored the promise he made to play board games with her. Although, I don’t know if I could’ve denied her request for playing board games, especially with that adorable sweater.

– Danae

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  1. Hopefully, we’ll get more clarification into how all of this mindwipe stuff works! I think we’re all a little confused!

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