Listener Email: Lie-Detecting Power
25 Oct. 2019

Listener Email: Lie-Detecting Power

Courtney sent in some thoughts about the Supergirl season five episode titled “Blurred Lines”!

Hope/Eve is even creepier than Alexa/Hope. It was better when it was a disembodied voice with floating nanobots. In this week’s episode, I didn’t quite connect that Hope was now in Eve somewhat permanently. Is that reversible? What happened to “do no harm”? Just because she didn’t cause Eve to bleed, doesn’t mean this is not harmful. She literally kidnapped someone and took away their free will. This isn’t morally grey Lena. This is just criminal and she can’t go back from this. How is she going to explain this and not be arrested once Supergirl finds out?

Good to see Kara’s lie-detecting power again. Now if we could get more of her sonic clap. Though, she should’ve asked why William Dey looked into the doctor’s death so thoroughly if dead scientists aren’t sparkly enough news? It doesn’t seem to be something that would’ve even been on his radar.

So far, this William Dey plot would be a lot better if we didn’t get that scene at the shelter. Granted that was lame and doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a good guy, but every time he does something suspicious, we really can’t mistrust him since they’ve already used that to supposedly show that he’s good. Or there’s just another twist to the plot.

Why is Kara taking off her glasses to super speed everywhere?  She can keep her glasses on. And when she does, why doesn’t her suit appear? She’s being a little willy-nilly with her powers. Just because Lena knows now, doesn’t mean the whole world needs to know.

All the Malefic and J’onn stuff is really the secret J’onn’s been meaning to reveal for four seasons.

And is this the season of lies/secrets?  Lena, J’onn, William Dey, Kara sneaking off to Fort Summit.

I was secretly hoping when Lena found no schematics in Lex’s journals that she was going to say it was more bitter entries about Lena and her horseback riding.

– Courtney

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