Listener Email: Lena’s Plan
18 Oct. 2019

Listener Email: Lena’s Plan

Shang wrote in with some thoughts and questions about the Supergirl season five episode titled “Stranger Beside Me”!

  1. When and how did Kelly find out that Kara was Supergirl? Why did James’ watch light up when Alex hit the signal? Does that mean Lena’s would light up, too? Can someone please translate the tech lingo Lena and Andrea were snapping at each other about?

  1. I did not like Kara acting out in CatCo this episode. In real life, she would have been fired. She wasn’t asked to do anything, but show up to work on time, follow editorial direction, and stop randomly disappearing for long unexplained periods which was definitely reasonable. She treated William like he was the enemy when he did her job for her (because she was absent and missed her deadline), then she snottily dumped the work that she didn’t want to do on his lap. As much as I dislike the writing for William, did the writers really have to bring Kara down like this?

  1. So here’s my Lex theory…Lex is going to come back before Crisis on Infinite Earths and set up the villains fighting against the heroes after the heroes defeat the Anti-Monitor. Either before or after, he would try to manipulate Lena to joining him and I think he will use the tech to brainwash Lena with Kara going into the VR to find Lena. Lena would have to choose between embracing the tech that would rid her of her feelings, yet something she knows that would always tell the truth or Kara and the power of friendship. 

  1. Now that I have seen Lena’s plan is in motion, as a fellow scientist myself, I cannot condone it. You can’t just upload an evil Alexa into someone’s mind without consent. At least, Adam consented to die. Anyways, “Boardroom or ballroom”- the wardrobe department thinking they are being sleek by letting Lena wear a white coat. It ain’t a lab coat. Lena not adhering to lab rules is such a pet peeve of mine. Katie McGrath will look sexy in a lab coat, gloved hands, and covered shoes. Just let her wear them.

– Shang

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  1. daryl says:

    excellent thoughts all around. it’s not a surprise at this point the supergirl writers wouldn’t know proper lab attire if a closet full of it fell on them

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