Listener Email: Lena’s Hero
29 Nov. 2018

Listener Email: Lena’s Hero

Emily wrote in with some thoughts on the Supergirl season four episode titled “Rather the Fallen Angel”!

Hello, Supergirl Radio!

What really stuck with me this episode was Lena’s storyline. I thought it was well-written and most definitely well-acted. What intrigued me the most was when Lena told Adam she had lost the only hero she’d ever had. My first thought was “Mercy Graves?” Ha ha! Then, I realized she was probably talking about her mom. Okay. But then, I remembered Lena telling Kara, back in Season Two that Kara Danvers was her hero. I figured the show just forgot about that, as it does with some details.

Well, then Lena said the line “I wanted someone responsible, somebody who wouldn’t think that they knew what’s best just because they have powers.” And I thought, whoa…Lena is still angry with Supergirl. Then came the moment when Adam asked Lena about the person she lost. With the look on Lena’s face and the way everything stopped and got quiet, my heart skipped a beat. *Gasp.* Lena knows Kara is Supergirl! This is how the show reveals it, unexpectedly in this random episode, where Lena and Kara haven’t even shared any scenes! Lena has lost Kara because she figured out she’s been lying to her!

Alas, that’s not what happened. It was about her mother after all, which was a moving and sad story and one that gives further depth to Lena’s character. But, I was fooled there for that one heartbeat. I’m of the camp that Lena has to know, but the show is insisting she doesn’t. I was prepared to be proven wrong, but it wasn’t to be. Just curious if anyone else read that scene that way? I’m still thinking about it.

Anyway, other stuff happened this episode and it was good, but Lena was the MVP for me. I don’t know what all this means for her character. I really don’t want her to go down a bad path, but I don’t think the show can resist.

– Emily

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  1. Daryl says:

    I don’t think the show can resist either and I hate that fact. I definitely didn’t read the scene as Lena knowing. When and if Lena finds out they definitely won’t resist letting us know about it. Just because the audience already knows we can’t project it onto the characters and start thinking well we know how can they not

  2. DigificWriter says:

    We have some pretty hard evidence that Lena actually does know that Kara is Supergirl courtesy of Ahimsa, as there’s a screenshot in that episode featuring an L-Corp dossier on Alex that goes pretty in-depth about her background and her relationship with Kara in relation to the latter’s powers.

    • Yeah, I’ve seen that screenshot.

      It could be interpreted a few ways.

      1) Lena knows that Kara is Supergirl and that knowledge is reflected in how she created the super suit that was used to save Kara from the Kryptonite radiation. But, if that’s true, how did Lena know all about the “Midvale” story? Would she go digging into Kara’s family history and educational background? It’s possible, but that seems like a lot of information to shove into an effects shot that most people aren’t going to bother reading.

      2) Perhaps, the suit that Lena created for Supergirl had some advanced artificial intelligence and was able to give Kara information based on her own memories. If they were retrieved from Kara’s mind, Lena wouldn’t be able to access that information, especially, if Kara (the person inside the suit) was the only one presented with the info. It’s possible that Lena (who was outside of the suit) wouldn’t have known it was there.

      3) The effects department on the show added that information in as an Easter Egg to “Midvale”, not fully realizing the implications of what they wrote.

      I think the screenshot is something worth paying attention to, but I’m not putting a lot of emphasis on it because I can’t imagine they would drag out Lena not knowing and then, just give it away in that small moment.

  3. Cameron says:

    In regards to the super suit Lena creates, I did see some fan based gif combination that combined Supergirl telling Lena how Kryptonite feels like razors running through her veins or something like that. It was implied that Lena may have made the suit after that conversation which I found interesting cuz then Lena does still care about Supergirl like she told Alex. Lena wouldn’t want something she made to help people (ie defend against Worldkillers) to be used against people who are good, but in case it is, she now has something to protect said people, ie Supergirl.

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