Listener Email: Lena’s Devastation
27 Apr. 2019

Listener Email: Lena’s Devastation

Danae wrote in with some thoughts on the Supergirl season four episode titled “Crime and Punishment”!

Hi, Super Ladies!

Oh man, this episode. I love seeing that when Lena and Supergirl are not fighting, they make such a great team! They support each other and work together so amazingly. And Supergirl did the sonar clap again! I think that’s the first time since the crossover from one and a half years back.

I was a bit surprised that no one mentioned that J’onn was gone, though. Kara or Alex could’ve at least made an offhand comment about how he wasn’t replying to any of her messages.

I know that James has gone through an awful lot, but can we just mention: he loves CatCo so much that it’s the first thing he thought of when he needed a happy place?¬†Although I’m not sure how to feel about him having powers, I am glad they seem to be focusing on his emotional journey first, rather than him just being happy, he can be a superpowered vigilante now.

But to me, the most emotional part of the episode was Lena. You could see her get more and more devastated throughout the episode. Having to read what Lex has thought about her since she was four and then when she finds his secret lab, she can’t even fully research it. And I love the comparison with Anastasia, since it’s one of my favorite princess movies.

– Danae

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