Listener Email: Lena Luthor and Secret Identities
07 Feb. 2018

Listener Email: Lena Luthor and Secret Identities

After the Season 3 episode, “Both Sides Now” aired, Matt wrote us an email to give us his take on why Lena seems to be making connections between Sam and Reign, but hasn’t been shown to truly question Kara’s connection to Supergirl.

Assuming Lena knows that Sam is Reign, a lot could be said about how silly it is that she knows about Sam’s, but not about Kara’s identity.

Here’s my take on all of this. 

Lena agreed to help Sam try to figure out what’s going on with her. She knew that Sam was medically healthy and yet, something was wrong and she was having blackouts. Lena was looking for answers. She was looking for a reason behind all of that and that’s why she was able to make the connections between Sam’s blackouts and Reign’s attacks. Lena was looking for something out of the ordinary. 

But with Kara, Lena is not looking for anything and especially, something out of the ordinary because she doesn’t have to. To Lena, she’s just Kara, her friend and the only person who constantly believes in her. In a way, we could say that she’s blinded by her friendship. If Kara is sad, Lena’s reasoning is going to be that it’s because of her ex-boyfriend or some regular human reason, not because, secretly, she’s an alien having a Kryptonian crisis. She doesn’t have to put two and two together because, to her, there’s no reason for it. Of course, she’s going to feel like crap when she realizes how obvious it was.

Now, I do believe that at this point, Lena should know about Kara’s identity, but not because the glasses don’t work as a disguise (c’mon, this is a world where a flying alien has ice breath and laser vision, I’m sure we can buy the idea of the glasses), but because Kara should be honest with her. After all, there’s not a good reason for her not to know. Everyone close to Kara knows. All of those strangers at the DEO know. I’m sure even Pam from HR knows! Lena being a Luthor is not even close to a good excuse since Lillian already knows. What the heck, Kara?

– Matt R.

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