Listener Email: The Glasses Metaphor
16 Jan. 2018

Listener Email: The Glasses Metaphor

Gina wrote in to share her thoughts about Kara’s interactions with Brainiac-5 and the great ocular metaphor featured in the episode titled “Legion of Superheroes”.

Maybe it was the excitement of having a new Supergirl episode in our midst, but I really enjoyed this episode. I wasn’t sure how they were going to handle Kara being in a coma and still making it a Kara episode (which tend to be my favorite), and I was a little apprehensive on the introduction of Brainiac-5, only because I was one of the people who were a little jarred with the promotional stills and his appearance.

But the writers handled all these elements and more very well.

Like Kara, I was actually smitten by Brainy. Jesse Rath is not an actor I know, but he did an excellent job of making me see past the still-a-little-off-make-up-and-hair, and appreciate the character for who he was. If they are heading towards a Kara/Brainy relationship, I can actually see this happening. He sees her as some sort of celebrity (which probably only added to his already charming, awkward demeanor), and it seems Kara was charmed by it. I can’t wait to see more interactions between the two.

I loved how this episode helped bring Kara’s story from the first half of the season to a head. Kara finding her humanity within her mind-prison was a great way to do it. It was a way to keep it a Kara story, even if she was in a coma. Having her realize being alien more than human was literally shutting herself off from the rest of the world she promised she would protect by talking about Streaky the Cat was so good. I like hearing Kara talk about life soon after she landed
on Earth, how afraid she was of hurting Streaky. Even the “Midvale” episode was a year or two after she landed on Earth.

Finding her glasses was a great metaphor for her human side, and also, appreciating how good of a life “Kara Danvers” had, all the ups and the downs. I was thinking in my head with the first scene of Kara waking up that Melissa Benoist hasn’t been wearing the glasses that much this season. The most she wore it probably was the Supergirl episode of the crossover. I guess it makes sense, now that I think about it.

Kara being in a coma also brought about my always favorite parts of any episode which are Alex and Kara scenes. Alex pleading for Kara to wake up and realizing how she was wrong for telling Kara to embrace her alien side was what I realized I needed to hear myself. When she said it in the last episode, I was a little shocked by it but thought maybe that’s what Kara needed. I always love seeing Alex being a beacon of light for Kara whenever she is physically or metaphorically lost, just like Kara is a beacon of light for so many.


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  1. Hi Rebecca I was going ask you how was supergirl return I love that scene what you think about that and I wish Kara and Mon-el back together I miss that

  2. Hi, Meredith! Which scene are you asking about, in particular?

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