Listener Email: The Fight Against Reign
18 Jan. 2018

Listener Email: The Fight Against Reign

A listener named Alex wrote in to share some thoughts about the Legion’s involvement and Guardian’s lack of involvement in the fight against Reign in “Legion of Superheroes”.

I was a bit underwhelmed by this episode. Based on the title and previews, I was under the impression that this was going to be the big, breakout introduction of the Legion. Instead, Mon-El spends the first half of the episode stating that the Legion could not get involved in the fight with Reign because, apparently, they are too important to get hurt. When they finally get motivated in the second half, they weren’t too impressive. Hopefully, things will improve as the season goes on.

So creepy cult guy is now out of prison and helping Reign? I am hoping this is just a ploy thought up by Alex when visiting him in prison to get him close to Reign to get intel.

And will the writers please give James something to do in the show? For the second time in two and a half seasons, James has been reduced to being little more than the love interest for one of the female leads. Look at this episode.  Supergirl is out, and the DEO is scrambling to put all its assets together, human and alien, to combat Reign. Yet there was no mention of Guardian? James only contact with the DEO in this episode was to ask J’onn to impersonate Kara when Lena visited with soup. Although J’onn had to talk to Lena about James’s kissing ability was kinda funny.  C’mon writers, get James a real purpose in the show! 

– Alex

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