Listener Email: Leading to a Breakup?
25 Oct. 2019

Listener Email: Leading to a Breakup?

New Rachel wrote in to share some thoughts about the Supergirl season five episode titled “Blurred Lines”!

Dear Supergirl Radio,

We’re three episodes into the season and there still hasn’t been any hints at Crisis? From the show with the hero who originally sacrificed her life for everyone in the comics? Not saying that I want Kara to die. In fact, I don’t want to read Crisis because the idea of her dying and being erased from existence is too sad for me, no matter how meaningful or poignant that whole event is. With some of the most powerful characters in the Arrowverse, including someone who can dream the future? I’m sorry…there are some parts of the season that I really enjoy, but it just seems like a small case of misplaced priorities here.

Okay, had to get that out of the way. The parts of the episode I did like:

Kara and James solving a mystery together! I really did miss their friendship and relationship, so that was really nice, even if spiders are very creepy.

Alex and Kelly. I continue to love them. They’re the best written relationship this show has ever done. How are they so quality? What happened with them was sad, but I can understand it.

Nia and J’onn. I don’t understand Nia’s powers, but I haven’t understood them since 5×13. I really loved seeing Carl Lumbly again and I liked the background we’ve been getting from J’onn and Ma’alefa’ak.

Is it really mean of me to say that I like that we might be getting Brainy and Nia taking a break from their relationship? Could this lead to them breaking up? It’s probably too soon for that and I understand that they’re a groundbreaking couple that means a lot to so many people, but the writing for them has not been very good, and Brainy continues to be written less intelligently than he actually is. I do hope that their relationship can be handled with more maturity as a whole, whether or not they get back together. Also, their scenes were brief, but I like that we have gotten consistency with Kara and Brainy working together well.

Hope and Lena. I’m with you two…Hope is my favorite part of the season. Her scenes with Lena were brief in this episode, but they were worth it. Plus, that hug was weirdly kind of cute.

Stay Super,

New Rachel

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