Listener Email: Kryptonite vs. Kara
09 May. 2019

Listener Email: Kryptonite vs. Kara

Cloud wrote in to share some thoughts on the Supergirl season four episode titled “Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?”!

Hi, Rebecca and Morgan!

While this week’s episode was interesting, it had some MAJOR plot holes.

I guess you can piece together some logic and say that Kara exited and re-boarded the plane so quickly that it didn’t cause a loss of pressure, but where exactly did she leave the plane? Through the toilet? Because opening the cabin door would have caused quite the air rush.

I did enjoy the scene with Kara discovering Red Daughter’s bedroom and all of the pictures. Melissa did a great job with the facial acting.

But then, we go to Martian Manhunter showing up looking very much like Kermit instead of J’onn J’onzz and fighting Lockwood with James saying “throw him into the tanker, trust me”. Trust you that it will cause random destruction? Or trust you that Lockwood is wearing a flame retardant shirt? Because despite the huge fireball, Lockwood’s clothing only got singed. Kudos to his tailor.

I’ll pick on what everyone else is sure to point out: Krytonite vs. Kara. It has been established that even a small amount can bring her to her knees. Remember T-Co’s attempt to blow up the stadium and there was a tiny bit of Krytonite in the monolith? It was enough to bring her down until Alex threw it farther away. Her exposure while with Lena looks like it slightly affected her. Lena had to help her up. So that’s plausible. However, the scene in the Oval Office was against all we’ve seen so far.

President: “Yes, that’s Kryptonite”, he says while looking at a softball size chunk just hanging out on a table.
Kara: “Oh” with a shrug.
Audience: *shakes their heads*

Maybe we’ll find out later that she was wearing something under her clothes to protect her, but until then, I have to say…consistency is key. Don’t change the facts you have established for a plot device.

Lastly, I have a theory that sprung into another theory after this episode. I’d like both your opinions on which sounds better. It’s a judgement without the snap, so to speak.

It was never explained why Red Daughter was punching rocks, so my theory had been she was building Lex’s hideaway in the mountain. The one that Lena figured out in the prison. BUT, after seeing the map with invasion plans, I’m wondering if she was making tunnels to America. We’ll never see them coming!

Oh, I almost forgot. I think this week, you might have to change it to “Lena Luthor: Boardroom or Brawlroom”. Loved the heel baton!



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