Listener Email: Kara’s Identity
10 Dec. 2018

Listener Email: Kara’s Identity

Danae wrote in with some thoughts about the Supergirl season four episode titled “Bunker Hill”!

I loved finding out more about Nia, and her interactions with Brainy were adorable. I’m really curious how their interactions will be now that Nia is more in control of her powers. Also, wasn’t it kinda funny that Nia was so excited to meet Kara in the premiere, yet doesn’t know who Lois Lane is?

I have to say, I was pretty glad that we didn’t get twenty episodes of “I wonder who Agent Liberty is”. I’m actually more interested in what will happen from now on, now that he has been exposed. It’s an interesting point of view, that now the people want to know who Supergirl is, which actually kinda already started when Lena asked that question in 3×17. But, what annoyed me is when they did that shot in the DEO, with the agents seemingly angry that they didn’t know who she was. A simple Tumblr search led me to at least nine episodes in season two where she was wearing her Kara Danvers clothes in the DEO (2×032×092×122×132×142×162×172×192×20). I thought they realized their mistake in season three, but I also found two episodes where she is dressed as Kara (3×073×12). So unless, as soon as Alex became the new director, she fired everyone and hired new agents, at least some people should know that Kara is Supergirl, right?

I do hope that, should Kara’s identity be revealed, that Lena finds out beforehand. Because Lena finding out with the rest of the world would not only be an anticlimactic to two seasons of build-up, it would also tear her apart; her best friend doesn’t choose her over the rest of the world to tell her this big secret. But mostly, I just really hope she’s not gonna be revealed.

For now, I think I’d like it most that, as long as Supergirl isn’t working with the DEO, they’ll have her go back to the deserted CatCo office of season one. Of course, Winn wouldn’t be there anymore, but with James as Guardian and Nia figuring out her powers, they could still make a CatCo Dream Team.

– Danae

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