Listener Email: J’onn’s Terrible Secret?
18 Oct. 2019

Listener Email: J’onn’s Terrible Secret?

New Rachel wrote in with some thoughts on the Supergirl season five episode titled “Stranger Beside Me”!

Dear Supergirl Radio,

The major highlight¬†for me in this episode was Alex and Kelly! I know you said their relationship wasn’t built up enough and needed more time, but I think this episode showed that they are progressing in a really nice and natural way. I love them! I’m so happy for Alex and I think she deserves to have a good relationship. It’s nice that so far, Kelly is getting her own story in addition to being Alex’s girlfriend. That only makes me support them more.

Also, the Alex-Kara-Brainy thing with them hunting down Ma’alefa’ak was in the description for the episode so I thought it would have more of a focus, but I still like what we got of them. And is J’onn’s terrible secret that he was partially mind-wiped?

Stay Super,

New Rachel

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  1. daryl says:

    in my opinion at this point any theory regarding j’onns secret is valid since the writers have absolutely forgotten about that plot point

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