Listener Email: James, Grown Man, Olsen
27 Apr. 2019

Listener Email: James, Grown Man, Olsen

William wrote in with some thoughts about Jimmy Olsen’s history and how Supergirl could use it!

On Supergirl Radio, you mentioned the writers were simply throwing things against the wall regarding James and seeing what stuck. This shouldn’t be the case. James “Grown Man” Olsen debut predates Supergirl. He’s the Surrogate son of Perry White, nurtured via Tough Love by adopted older Sister Lois Lane, and he’s Superman’s pal. He’s made a mortal enemy of Lex Luthor and lived to tell about it. Not only has he won a Pulitzer, he runs a media conglomerate. A 6’3 muscular brown man in America. Did I mention he’s loyal, thoughtful, and brave? He should be infinitely fascinating.

James, not Jimmy Olsen, has spent almost his entire adult life watching Kal-El’s feats. The show has don’t do the best job of conveying it, but Kryptonians are pretty awe-inspiring. I imagine James had a little hero worship – man crush going on regarding Clark. Who is Kara, but Clark in a skirt?

A romance between Olsen and Danvers made sense and it’s comic canon. I feel as if Ursa in Superman II was speaking for the fans when she wondered what god-like Superman saw in frail human Lois. It seemed logical Kara would want a superior specimen like herself as a mate. However, in Season 1, she and James danced and Kara looked at peace, content, and protected. Next season, she’s paired with Mon-El, who was de-powered so Supergirl could protect him. An entire season was spent as he matured from spoiled frat boy to a loyal, thoughtful, and brave man. In other words, he became James.

The only way James will truly be integrated into the show is if the writers return Kara to her CatCo roots and James’ arms.

– William

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