Listener Email: Intensely Cathartic
17 May. 2020

Listener Email: Intensely Cathartic

Leslie wrote in to share some thoughts on the Supergirl Season Five episode titled “The Missing Link”!

Hi, Rebecca and Morgan!

I thought the “Missing Link” was a good episode and I enjoyed the final scene between Lena and Kara.  It was intensely cathartic.  It was about time Lena acted humbly and asked someone other than Lex and her robot creation for help. Lena and Kara both learned something from their feud, and I think they both grew as characters.

I greatly disliked Lex’s verbal abuse and attack on Lena. That scene made me feel sorry for Lena and to worry about her personal safety, given her proximity to crazy acting and maniacal Lex.  That awful interaction made me see Lena as a more sympathetic character and a character likely to reach out to Supergirl for help.

I had another follow-up about the Lex-o-suit.  When Alex quit the DEO in “Back to the Future, Part 2” (Season 5 x 12 episode), she and Brainy brought two huge suitcases with her.  She said she had gathered all of the Kryptonite, Lex-o-suits, and “lockdown shields” she could “grab.” But, in “Deus Lex Machina” (Season 5 x 17 episode), Brainy said the Lex-o-suits were at the DEO.

Lastly, in “Tremors” (Season 5 x 7 episode), Supergirl defeated Rama Khan by preventing him from manipulating dirt from Planet Earth.  Rama Khan could not manipulate the ice or the other Kryptonian things in the Fortress of Solitude.  Since Kryptonite is not from Earth, how did Rama Khan have the power to pull Kryptonite from the DEO’s upper floors? And why was there Kryptonite for him to pull out in any event, since Alex previously said she had taken all of it from the DEO? Perhaps in answer to my own question, Lex had several caches of Kryptonite that he gave Pencil Skirt, or Alex did not remove all of the Kryptonite from the DEO before she left.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and the special effects, including the destruction of the DEO.

Have an excellent podcast!


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