Listener Email: Humanity and Vulnerability
01 Sep. 2021

Listener Email: Humanity and Vulnerability

Alime sent us an email to share some thoughts on the Supergirl Season 6 episode titled “Dream Weaver”.

I liked the episode in general. Kara and Kelly’s interactions in how they were investigating the case were great. The episode balanced comedic and dramatic moments pretty well, in my opinion.

Many people found it hard to believe that the woman at Van Kull prison didn’t notice how Kara used her powers, but it was a comedic relief and I’m not nitpicking.

Kara as Supergirl finally showed all range or almost all range of her powers. The show remembered her Super Hearing, Heat Vision, Flying, etc. There were some moments when Kara could’ve done better with her abilities, but I’m willing to close my eyes on them.(For example: When perpetrators became invisible in the car and got away. Kara could’ve easily heard the car with her Super Hearing.)

I think Esme has a role to play and it’s the first major plot line/device. The child is cute and witty! If I may guess her powers, maybe they are related to empathy? She seemed to be very in tune with Kelly’s emotions at the end of an episode and knew what Kelly did to protect children from their abusive caretaker. I’m glad that Kelly immediately noticed disturbing signs of the abuse. It shows off her empathy power, as Alex put it.¬†This episode raised important topics that are frequently overlooked by the system.

I liked the funny interactions between Kara, Nia, Andrea, and William. Andrea’s persistence on exposing the Super Friends, in my opinion, will be a major plot line/device in the future.

Apparently, The CW didn’t want to promote their own show and the Supercorp fandom has to take it upon itself to promote the show. The “Guardian is Coming” trend did great, and during live-tweeting, “Kelly and Alex” and “Kara and Lena” were trending.

William wasn’t frustrating as in Season 5, probably because the writers stopped pushing romantic a plotline (if you can call it that way) down our throats. Considering that Lena was written in such a manner that covers all of the romantic tropes for the main protagonist. Let’s be hones, he didn’t have a chance. While I’m on that topic, the Game Night featured another good indication for Kara’s romance with Lena in the upcoming episodes. It’s a glaring parallel between Nia and Brainy, and Kara and Lena. (Each person said where their game partner was, respectively). Besides that there is an interesting dialogue between J’onn and Kara:

J’onn: Well, maybe Lena could team up with me when she gets here.

Kara: No, she’s still back east, looking for information about her birth mother.

What I find quite unrealistic is that they didn’t show us a conversation between Kara and Lena, which is long overdue. They are best friends, but all that we’ve seen so far is that Kara is the only one knowing where Lena is and Lena’s the only one knowing where Kara is. It seems like the show is dragging to their next conversation because it will, without a doubt, be an emotional moment.

As expected, Nia’s unresolved and ongoing issues with dream interpretations have deteriorated and it pushed her to cooperate with Nyxly, with a bit of encouragement from Nyxly’s side. I presume the owl (which was probably en easter egg to the Harry Potter series) symbolized Nia’s mom’s beliefs and her last words of wisdom.

Nia: I don’t think owls are that devious. My mother revered them.

Nyxly: I have been around the universe and that creature is evil.

In the end, Nia gave in to Nyxly’s persuasion because the temptation was too high. It was about her mom, after all! Another example of the abuse of power. I think Nia destroying the owl on her own represented the rules that she should’ve abide by, as her mom had done before her.

One last thing that I wanted to mention…in your podcast I heard you said that you don’t care about the ships, but in my humble opinion, you should care because it’s part of Kara’s life. People’s dismissiveness in this regard makes people overlook her character’s humanity and vulnerability. Her character has always wanted to find love and she has one (if you pay attention, it’s Lena). Depriving her from this is like a punishment to her. And there is nothing empowering in this. I guess it’s better to keep her alone than to force any romance which wouldn’t feel natural *cough* William *cough*. And if she’d end up alone, then homophobia prevailed yet again. I implore you to consider what I wrote.

– Alime

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