Listener Email: Guilt Talking
26 Oct. 2019

Listener Email: Guilt Talking

Daryl wrote in with some thoughts on the Supergirl season five episode titled “Blurred Lines”!

“For a friend like you, there are no boundaries”.

Kara is stupidly naive. That’s not friendship talking. That’s guilt talking. Guilt could have been avoided if Kara hadn’t lied for so long and now, we’re all suffering the consequences. I am feeling bad for Kara because she is going to hurt so badly once the truth comes out. Every healthy relationship has boundaries.

Lena is just going further and further over the edge and all my defenses of her are being shoved back in my face. I didn’t like how far apart Lena and Kara were sitting on the couch. It’s a minor thing, but I didn’t like seeing that distance between them at all.

I loved the way Kara went around the world on a guilt trip to get Lena food. It reminded me of the Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman episode “Ordinary People”, when Clark did the same for Lois after she found out he was Superman.

I could tell spider lady was going to be a one-off villain right from the preview last week. We know next to nothing about the parasite in her and yet, we’re supposed to believe that her webs can hold Supergirl? The fact that Supergirl needs saving from a one-off-soon-to-be-forgotten villain of the week is insulting. Why didn’t Alex just give whatever James had to Kara? They don’t even explain what it is or how it stopped her webs.

How does Kara know to take the transporter watch at the base? She can’t possibly know of what’s to come and the need to send Kelly away, yet she knows to take the watch?

I don’t like how the show is trying to make Kelly feel guilty for helping people. She went into this with the best of intentions and sure, it backfired on her, but the openness is to be commended, not used as a way to attack her.

– Daryl

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