Listener Email: Future Supergirl-Batwoman Crossovers?
26 May. 2019

Listener Email: Future Supergirl-Batwoman Crossovers?

Alex wrote in to share some thoughts about the Supergirl season four finale titled “The Quest for Peace”!

So…Leviathan is the big bad next year? Based on my rudimentary knowledge of DC Comics, Leviathan is an evil organization headed up by Talia Al-Gul of Batman lore. At the end of this year’s crossover episodes, Batwoman and Supergirl shook hands and talked about the possibility of working together in the future. Considering both shows will air back to back on Sunday nights next season, is Leviathan the device for future Supergirl – Batwoman crossovers?

At the group gathering at the end of the episode, Lena tells Kara she will always be on her team. But in Lena’s closing scene, she smashes the photo of her, Kara, and Alex with her drink. I have been saying for over a year that I thought Lena Luthor would eventually be involved with or even lead the shady organization Checkmate, but the ending of this episode confirmed it. Next season, Lena will cooperate with Supergirl/Kara sometimes, but will not always be up front with her. I think Lena will definitely have her own agenda, but not be totally evil.

By the way, whatever happened to little Mikhail from Kaznia this season? Since the writers made a point of showing Otis secretly saving his life without telling Lex, I thought for sure that he would have some part in bringing Red Daughter around. And what about that guy in prison that handed Kara the thumb drive containing Lex’s research from his cell. Were these just more dropped storylines?

I will always welcome any episode with Lillian Luthor. Smart and ruthless to the end! God Bless her and the ground she walks on.

Whatever the storyline is for next year, please promise me writers, NO MORE POLITICS!!!!

– Alex

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  1. Courtney says:

    Mikhail and the thumb drive prisoner are all in The Hat’s hat. Probably with Mercy Graves.

  2. This is why we need access to Hat’s hat! We need to know WHO or WHAT is in there!

  3. daryl washington says:

    i’m really disappointed they decided not to put batwoman on supergirl’s earth because i wanted them to have cross overs that didn’t have to include the flash or green arrow. it’s mentioned that mikhail has a mother but she got dropped even faster than the mikhail being alive reveal. i’m thinking what she got from lex’s prison neighbor is used in the article at the end

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