Listener Email: Free Passes
19 Apr. 2021

Listener Email: Free Passes

Katy sent us an email to share some thoughts about the Supergirl Season 6 episode titled “Phantom Menaces”!

Hey, ladies!

I liked this episode more than last week’s episode.
The Dansen scenes were so good this week. I love their relationship. It’s really great to see a healthy and supportive lesbian couple on television. However, I want to see more of Kelly. We don’t know much about her character other than she is James’ sister, Alex’s girlfriend, and that she used to be a therapist at Obsidian. I want to know her likes, dislikes, hobbies, what makes HER upset, and to see Alex being there for her.
I think this episode’s theme was “Why everyone needs to go to therapy sometimes.” Every character had so much pent up anger and sadness, which is fully understandable given their situation. I like that they had each character try to address their emotions, but I don’t think letting out anger once, like Brainy did, or being sad for five minutes, like J’onn did, isn’t going to make all of their emotional turmoil go away instantly. Maybe Kelly can refer them all to some therapists she knows.
I have mixed feelings about Lena:
As much as I love Lena, I find it to be lazy writing that she can get out of any and all sticky legal situations just by making deals with the District Attorney.
The writers don’t give her any consequences to her criminal actions. She has been given free passes for trying to kill Supergirl, brainwash the world, being an accomplice to Lex, etc. It’s written in a way to have the audience believe: “well she had the right intentions, so let’s forgive her.” But how many times can someone make extreme criminal decisions, while with the right intentions, still get free passes? Why are we to forgive someone who consistently makes bad and dangerous decisions?
Honestly, having her consistently make terrible decisions, but with “good intentions,” dumbs down Lena as a woman. It makes her appear emotionally driven and repeatedly unaware of the dangers behind her decisions.
I don’t like this message the Supergirl writers are sending to their viewers, many of whom are young women. Message being that: “as long as you have good intentions, bad actions are okay,” and “Lena, intellectual and logical genius, can’t understand or doesn’t care that her actions are dangerous because of ‘emotional reasons.’”
On the other hand, I did love the ending with how Lena finally broke her co-dependent relationship with her brother. She was shown to be empowered in spite of her abuser, which I appreciated as a Lena fan. I can see that her struggle with “dangerous actions/good intentions” is a result of being raised in an abusive family. I do like the complexities of her character, but I think sometimes the Supergirl writers mix and confuse their own themes and intended messages, and it really shows with Lena’s character arc.
Lastly, I love seeing Kara in the Phantom Zone. I like her new friend. I don’t know if we’re supposed to trust the new character, but I already trust her 100%. Don’t ask me why. I’m sure I’ll be eating my words in a few episodes. But, I was intrigued by her. I like that the writers include female driven storylines in this show. With this new character, we’re seeing a woman who was shunned by her abusive father. I’m sure there will be a lot of emotional baggage with that and I could see her playing tricks on Kara. One, because she is a 5th dimensional imp, and two, because she may have her own trust issues after being exiled to the Phantom Zone by her family.
Excited for the rest of the season!
– Katy

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