Listener Email: Foreshadowing for James?
17 Nov. 2018

Listener Email: Foreshadowing for James?

Leslie wrote in with some thoughts on the Season Four episode titled “Parasite Lost”!

“Parasite Lost” was an okay transitional episode to set several storylines in motion. After solving his first civilian case, J’onn will become the Sam Spade of the Supergirl Universe. I love his cool hat. J’onn can run his Martian Manhunter Detective Agency out of the UAB, unnamed alien bar. He’ll need a sassy secretary, though.

The brunch scene was fun and so was the fact that Alex showed up at Kara’s apartment with two pizzas for three people.

I think the seeds for the demise of Lena and James’ relationship have been sown. I never cared for that relationship, which seemed like an unlikely pairing in the first place.

I’ve really liked James through the first three Supergirl seasons and I did not mind Guardian. But this season, Guardian’s and James’s storylines are very disappointing/annoying. Even Lena seemed to be finished with James in their last scene together in this episode and I feel sorry for her.

James is listening to no one and oblivious to Lena’s feelings. He thinks of himself as a superhero when he’s not. Every time there’s a mention of whether a hero would do something, the camera centers on James making a smirk. The smirk means he is going to be Guardian at the most inopportune time and ultimately, play into Agent Liberty’s hands. James doesn’t even realize that he’s being manipulated by Ben Lockwood, who acts crazy one moment and lucid the next. Why can’t James be the cool CEO of CatCo and help out at the DEO? Whatever happened to the James in Season 1, Episode 14, “Truth, Justice and the American Way,” who made Kara/Supergirl tear up because she was abandoning her ideals by keeping Maxwell Lord locked up in the DEO? It also seemed that the “Parasite Lost” episode was foreshadowing something bad happening to James or that James will become a brain-washed enemy of Kara.

I’m hoping Colonel Haley grows on me. I didn’t trust her insincere praise of Alex and I’m surprised Alex even believed it. Alex has to salute the Colonel now? Give me a break. Alex looked like she’s never made a salute in her life. When Lucy took over the DEO, she never required anyone to salute.

“Parasite Lost” was a solid “B” episode.

– Leslie

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