Listener Email: Food Allergy Representation
16 Oct. 2019

Listener Email: Food Allergy Representation

Danae wrote in with some thoughts about the Supergirl season five episode “Stranger Beside Me”!

Hey Super Ladies!

I was happy to get some food allergy representation on the show, but it wasn’t entirely accurate. There is almost no chance that Kelly would have told Alex this late, even though they only have known each other for a short time. If Kelly really wanted to be safe, she would have asked Alex what she’d eaten before their first kiss. Because if Alex would have had some allergen on her lips, a simple kiss with Kelly could have given her an anaphylactic shock. I also wonder if the writers are ever gonna bring up these allergies again, or if it was just a little thing to create some relationship drama. As a person with allergies of this severity, there are many difficulties they can bring up, like how difficult it can be to find a restaurant where it is safe to eat, or sometimes even having people take the allergies seriously. They should be a big part of Kelly’s life, but I fear they will never be mentioned again.

I really hope that they are not setting up William to become Kara’s next love interest, but I don’t know, I am getting this CW-romance vibe from them, as if it’s gonna happen. I am still trying to recover from season three when Kara went after a married man. I really don’t need that to happen again.

– Danae

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  1. daryl says:

    i am absolutely sure the whole thing about blueberries was only to create drama. it’s just like them to do something like that. it would not surprise me in the least if we never heard about it again. also i have to wonder did they even consider what it would look like for supergirl to take another woman’s husband. not good. plus even when mon-el and imra decide to more or less end things they don’t even give mention to the fact that the entire reason they got married at all was to prevent a war between their planets and what their ending the marriage will do to that treaty

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