Listener Email: Final Bow
01 Nov. 2019

Listener Email: Final Bow

Joseph wrote in with some thoughts about the first four episodes of Supergirl season 5!

Thought I should give an update that sums up my thoughts on the past three episodes.

“Stranger Beside Me”‘ is a good episode. Maybe I didn’t like it as much as the premiere, but it’s still a very good episode. Once again, Katie and Melissa continue to be great and it does seem like they are going to be the main characters of the season (or at least, this first half).

Funny enough, the characters that seem to be shortchanged this season thus far, are Alex and and Brainy. Not that they are given less to do or even less screen time, but all they seem to be doing are somewhat generic relationship pieces. Which I would potentially enjoy since I have enjoyed some of the romances on the show, but just not recently. I guess the last one I liked was Lena and James and that’s mostly because it’s Lena and Mechad Brooks is always enjoyable to watch even if he isn’t given much to do (more on that later). Overall, thoughts on the episode, wonderful episode and that Eve assimilation was a great scene to end on (I did love your insightful comment about both test subjects being Adam and Eve; always like when they can make a commentary on biblical themes or religion in general because I’m a sucker for that in any series or movie).

“Blurred Lines: It was great seeing Sean Astin in one of these shows. Been a fan since the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and it’s always a treat whenever I see him in anything. I thought J’onn’s story was great and any chance to see Myr’nn again is great. Really anything to do with the Martians this season has been really good. Yes, it was cringe-worthy to see him keep the secret again, but I understand why he did it.

I have some thoughts on Lena. I’m intrigued to see where they go with this. While I can see why some would think that she is going full-on evil with her manipulations, I get a different read. I think this could be Lena trying to convince herself of why she is still doing this or not telling Kara about this whole thing. Since Kara has been so great, it is believable that Lena could be convinced to stop what she thinks is something that improves humanity, so she might be repeating these words as almost a Malcolm Merlin from the first season of Arrow when he says “I sometimes waver in my convictions”. In the scenes where Lena says nothing, Katie McGrath’s acting lends credence to my theory as she isn’t always doing that evil smirk she gives in some of the times when Kara or anyone else leaves the scene and seems to looks of remorse or confusion at times. Though, I did do this a little bit with Sam Witwer last season so I could be completely off on this. Just a thought.

“In Plain Sight” has the potential to be my second favorite of the season so far, but I’m not sure as that second episode is still very good with few flaws. First, thank God that J’onn’s lie didn’t last more than an episode. All of the reactions were what I thought they would be and it’s nice to get a scene between Kara and J’onn by themselves as those seem far more rare than they should be. I was skeptical when I saw Malefic take control of Alex. I kept thinking “Haven’t we covered this back in season one when she was forced to fight Kara?” It did lead to the truth coming out so I’m willing to forgive it. It was also a nice scene between the both of them where Alex took the words out of my mouth as she said “How could you think I would think that way about you?”. Well done story overall.

The investigation from Nia and Kara investigating William was okay, but I don’t understand why they created some character to be an assassin for two scenes unless she comes back. I can understand where Kara would get the idea that that William could have killed that girl with the information she was given. Sure we don’t know for certain that it wasn’t true, but that’s where they seem like their heading. Either way, if he’s not a murderer, it’s a circumstance of misinformed which is a story crutch I despise. If he is one, those words he says to Kara at the end which seems like he was making it up on the spot a little more bearable, but I guess we’ll see. At the very least, we will get more Rojas because of this storyline and she’s been great.

Lena doesn’t get a lot to do, but I loved her end scene and the scene with Brainy (which, yes, “little boxes” callback). It’s nice to see Lena outside of her building and with the team, but is certainly being intentionally being left out of the group with the end though Kara did offer. At this point, they could go either way, but I think the theme of this season could be redemption so it could be that the end of the season they give Lena her’s.

Final bow (with the exception of some cameos that are sure to come) for Mechad Brooks. I did like the reason why he left and he does end up back at a newspaper. Maybe not how quick they gave him a resolution, but I’m fine with that as long as this is where he ends up being and not coming back. With that scene at the bar, I would assume so, but I would’ve liked to see Lena with James one more time as I don’t think they have shared screen time this season. I think it’s a bit meta that he says “You never needed me” as he has not been essential to the main plot of the season outside of season one. Still a bit sad that he is leaving, but I think the show definitely has grown more interesting characters.

Overall, I’m really happy with the season so far and it has such great potential for a season that can finally dethrone the third season as my favorite. A tall order to be sure, but I think it could be done. Thanks for bearing with me on this ridiculously long email.

– Joseph

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