Listener Email: Extra Layer of Superpowers
03 May. 2019

Listener Email: Extra Layer of Superpowers

Gina sent us an email of thoughts about the Supergirl season four episode titled “American Dreamer”!

Y’all…I really wanted to like this episode a lot. It was directed by Space Dad! Dreamer was featured, Kara Danvers (and not Supergirl) was a prominent character in this story. But, there was something about it as a whole that didn’t stick with me.

Don’t get me wrong; I think there were more things I enjoyed than not, but there were definitely pieces of the episode that were more “meh.”

First of all, I am not on board with everyone being handed out superpowers. I think this whole James has superpowers thing has soured me to his storyline. I was intrigued by the backstory of his father’s funeral, but I don’t think I stuck to it because I knew in the end, he would have superpowers. Ugh. If Brainy was like, “once he grasps the truth of what happened, his superpowers will be negated or something,” I’d definitely be leaning in more.

I honestly have not had any interest in James since season one. Nothing has stuck to him as far as character development or interesting storylines. And to me, this is no exception. Again, I would have more interested his journey with how he and Kelly handled his PTSD, but the extra layer of superpowers quickly turned me off to it.

As much as I love Nia, was anyone else a little surprised at how much her powers actually do? What happened to taking a nap and foreseeing the future? I kind of remembered her training and using some sort of astral projection, but they really fast-forwarded her knowledge about the extent of her powers.

Things I did love about the episode:

I loved the fight scene at the end. I loved how, though we didn’t get once scene of Supergirl, she still was able to come in and fight the bad guys. Sometimes, it’s just great television watching Kara use her Kryptonian powers incognito. I also loved how she used them within her investigation itself.

Loved Dreamer’s actual interview. As much as her powers confused me, Nia herself was amazing and adorable with making herself relatable to a world that was fearing aliens and to aliens who were fearing for their own lives.

Loved the Lena/Kara conflict. I’m really glad the writers brought about Lena’s feelings as a whole. We saw the frustration on trying to get Lex’s machine to help James, but it really has been awhile since we’ve seen Lena and Kara interact…and Lena actually noticed. I enjoyed both the conflict and the resolution. It was nice to see Lena be honest with Kara (though, I know, maybe that was the opportunity for Kara to be honest with Lena) about her feelings and what she was going through and how she had helped Lex.



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