Listener Email: Euphemism for Family
01 Feb. 2019

Listener Email: Euphemism for Family

Leslie sent in some thoughts on the Supergirl season four episode titled, “Blood Memory”!

I do so hate to be completey negative about an episode, but I didn’t like the “Blood Memory” storyline.

Supergirl is my favorite TV show. I love the Danvers Sisters. And since this episode saw fit to have Alex be colder than she ever was, even in the first scenes of the Supergirl Pilot, neither the Nia story nor anything else could overcome that one tremendous drawback for me. Is the show trying to drive fans away??

Game Night was forced and awkward. I’m not interested in the James and Lena storyline. They have no chemistry and I didn’t appreciate James covering for Lena with the budget item. I didn’t care about that reporter – Mackenzie’s story. She was the one who harassed an alien CatCo co-worker in the beginning of the season.

I had hoped that Alex losing her memory would last just this episode since the episode was entitled “Blood Memory” and the trailer had a black and white scene of the sisters lovingly sitting on Kara’s couch. I thought Blood Memory was a euphemism for family and that Alex would remember Supergirl was family. But no…Alex was insensitive and mean. Where is all of this hatred of Supergirl coming from? Alex says Supergirl is the “girl of steel inside and out?” Why would Alex think that? In the Pilot, it was said that Eliza and Jeremiah Danvers worked with Superman and taught him to understand his powers. So why is Alex so downright hateful and cutting towards Supergirl? It was awful to watch. By the look on Kara’s/Supergirl’s face, she was rightly devastated.

Alex was acting high and mighty to Supergirl.  “Call me Director Danvers.” Alex barked that she’s a federal agent. So what? How pompous! I guess Alex has gotten drunk on the Haley Kool-Aid.

Alex threatened to arrest Supergirl. And exactly how was Alex going to physically arrest Supergirl, hmm?? Alex didn’t fair so well against Supergirl’s heat vision. Supergirl also stopped Alex from killing an alien which would be hard for Alex to psychologically handle once she gets her memories back.

Alex left the Harvest Fest with Bobbi. Is Alex going to adopt that kid?? And why was that kid attacking the aliens instead of the Children of Liberty?? The Children of Liberty had just beaten up her brother. That aspect, among many other aspects of this episode, made no sense.

I did enjoy seeing Red Daughter Kara. But, why would gamma rays be emitted from trying to restart Red K’s heart with a defibrillator? Say what?? C’mon. Why were a few pills affected, but not Kara? The lightning went to the USA west coast because that’s where Kara is.

I feel the Supergirl writers owe us fans better-written and enjoyable episodes about Supergirl and the Danvers Sisters, which is the relationship that the writers previously taught us to expect and love about the Supergirl show.

– Leslie

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  1. I think Bobbi is a one-episode character. Sadly, I think the show has forgotten about Alex’s desire for motherhood. Seems like that potential storyline for Alex was used only as a way out of the Alex/Maggie relationship.

  2. daryl washington says:

    since the season began alex’s desire for children was only mentioned in the elseworlds crossover when kara was talking to the other alex. to watch this season you wouldn’t think for a moment alex wanted kids. alex wanting kids at all was definitely an invented reason to break up her and maggie

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