Listener Email: Emotionally Unequal
10 Oct. 2019

Listener Email: Emotionally Unequal

Sam wrote in with some thoughts about the Supergirl season 5 premiere titled “Event Horizon”!

I just thought I’d write in to say that was a really solid season opener. These days I’m very rarely blown away by movies or television so that is high praise for me. The writers did a good job of moving most of their pieces into position in a fairly organic way.

I’ve seen some people comment that they think this anti-social media/technology storyline this season is hypocritical since the show relies heavily on social media and various technological platforms to promote itself. I’m taking a wait and see approach to how the show handles this storyline for two reasons.

First, Kara is not always right and even in this episode when she went on her rant about everyone being immersed in their devices and not paying attention to the real world, Alex and Kelly were there to check her and provide a counter-argument. Second, as an example I wouldn’t consider it hypocritical for someone who drinks alcohol in moderation to write a story about the perils of alcoholism or of drinking and driving.

If the show writers approach to this season is to examine the downsides of technology and social media, I’m on board. That is as long as they do it in a balanced way.

I liked Kara’s confession to Lena, but I don’t think it fully explained why she kept the secret for so long. However, I do have some thoughts about Kara and Lena’s relationship. For a long time, Lena has considered Kara her best friend, but I’ve often wondered if Kara ever really felt the same way. Aside from the secret identity issue, I’ve always felt their relationship was emotionally unequal. Kara always seemed to be there to provide Lena emotional support and act as a confidante, but I struggle to remember the times where Kara turned to Lena for the same.

Of course, the difference is Kara always had Alex, James, and everyone else. Lena has never had anyone except for Kara which is probably what makes Lena feel even worse because now she must wonder if she ever really had Kara’s trust and friendship in the truest sense.

My biggest gripe is that Kara accepted Lena’s “forgiveness” too readily. I wouldn’t expect Kara to think Lena had gone full psycho-villain, but at the very least, she should think Lena is bottling some feelings up. Kara seems to think things are all good now which is incredibly naive, in my humble opinion.



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  1. daryl says:

    thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. i think kara is being naive too. it’s ridiculous she could think that things will just be ok now. she had been lying to lena the entire time she has known her which at this point is actually years.

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