Listener Email: Discreet Superpowers
03 May. 2019

Listener Email: Discreet Superpowers

Alex wrote in to share some thoughts about the Supergirl season four episode titled “American Dreamer”!

A lot of Ben Lockwood + no Supergirl + no Lex Luthor = the weakest episode since the winter hiatus. As usual, when we get the Children of Liberty, we also get the “After School Special” style political lecture the Supergirl writers love so much. And those Nazi style armbands the Children of Liberty wear are just too over-the-top.

I love the kind of scenes we had this week where Kara has to use her superpowers discreetly so people don’t notice her. I will never get tired of the “super sneeze” Kara will use to knock down the bad guys, and when she exclaimed, “You saved me!” to Franklin during the fight in CatCo, I laughed out loud. However, I don’t like episodes where we get no Supergirl in her costume at all. This show is at its best when its about Supergirl, not Kara Danvers: Ace Reporter. I am hoping the lack of Supergirl was because Melissa Benoist has to do double duty filming Supergirl and Red Daughter scenes in the last episode or two.

Speaking of Kara as a reporter, in the previous episode, we were told that Kara Danvers apparently has a reputation as a noteworthy investigative journalist. But you would not have guessed it from her on-air interview with Dreamer. Her hard-hitting, journalistic questions were basically, “How does that make you feel?” and “I bet your mother is so proud of you”.  It felt more like a red carpet interview at a Hollywood award show. I thought Kara’s next question to Dreamer was going to be, “So who are you wearing tonight?” to find out who made her Dreamer costume.


– Alex

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