Listener Email: Crisis Feedback – Parts Four and Five
24 Jan. 2020

Listener Email: Crisis Feedback – Parts Four and Five

Daryl wrote in with some thoughts and questions about Crisis on Infinite Earths Parts Four and Five!

Where is the food and water supply in The Vanishing Point?

Why is Ryan the only one with noticeable hair growth?

This might be me being nostalgic, but I think Lex’s 200 IQ points line might be a reference to Gene Hackman as Lex in Superman: The Movie.

I hate to be a cynic, but while I do love the Ezra Miller cameo, I think the studio only allowed it because their plans for a Flash movie are so up in the air after the failure that was Justice League that they thought they might as well. Of course, I am sure Ezra wanted to, but he wouldn’t be able to without permission. Like when the Cyborg movie was cancelled and they let him go to Doom Patrol.

Lex could have done better than those blast powers. Their clothes were barely scorched! Lex might be evil personified, but I do buy him as the Paragon of Truth. He did tell Lena the truth when no one else would. We do still need to know what he wanted to discuss with The Monitor about Lena. I love Lex being referred to as the “hairless one”.

The final fight was great, but the Paragons vs the shadow demons felt like busy work while the true fight was between Oliver and The Anti-Monitor. The Anti-Monitor coming back just lessens Oliver’s death scene, in my opinion. I wonder why when The Anti-monitor grows larger, his forcefield goes away?

I think it’s ridiculous that Kara super sped into a crowded room and no one noticed. How long was Kara at the DEO before she looked at the new sign? She has super vision, but she’s not too observant. I’m hoping that since Argo is back and that they’ll remember Alura exists and have Kara visit her. I don’t understand Supergirl’s dramatic slow motion flight scene. Just get in there and heat vision him like you’ve been doing.

I love Routh’s Superman pose.

I thought they would have shown Felicity since the dialogue made it seem like she was in the bunker with them. Where did she go so fast?

I really hate that L-Corp is no more. That basically means all of Lena’s work is undone as the L-Corp CEO. She’s probably working under Lex when she should be running it all.

Beebo lives!!

I hate to burst the bubble, but it’s not a new look for J’onn. They just don’t have the money for the full Martian effect for the entire scene, which is a real shame.

I don’t understand Superman’s surprise that he has multiple sons. This particular one wasn’t a paragon. If they do all drop by the DEO, how is that J’onn’s problem? He’s not the director. I still don’t buy the Kate from last year’s crossover was season one Kate. They haven’t made it clear enough.

If they introduce Gleek, but not The Wonder Twins, I’ll be VERY disappointed.

– Daryl

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