Listener Email: Cracked Picture Theory
27 May. 2019

Listener Email: Cracked Picture Theory

Danae wrote in with some thoughts about the Supergirl season four finale, Lena’s new information, and how she might handle it!

Hi, Super Ladies!

I knew that Lex would tell Lena, and still it shocked me that he had all that video evidence. But, all footage came from L-Corp or his own facilities, so it makes sense he has access to that.

I first thought Lena was taking the reveal pretty well when she was arriving at game night, but then I saw that she was wearing jeans. Jeans?! In Lena Luthor’s wardrobe, that spells mental breakdown right there.

When she cracked the picture with her glass, I was so shocked. But, filmmaking-wise, I have a theory about that. She only cracked the frame of the picture, with the picture, itself, staying intact. I think that this means that the relationship between Lena, Kara, and Alex will seem broken at first, but in the end, they can come through. Then maybe Lena will put the picture back on her desk in another frame.

I really, really hope they’re not gonna turn Lena into a villain over this. It is too predictable and I like Lena in a morally grey area. I would like to see her struggle though, now with all this new information: she felt guilty about sending Kara’s boyfriend into space, but actually Kara sent Mon-El into space herself; when Supergirl got mad that she had Kryptonite, it was actually her best friend Kara who didn’t trust her anymore, and it was her best friend Kara who asked her boyfriend, James, to break into her vault; when Lena felt so guilty about keeping secrets about Lex from Kara; etc. All of this will make her angry, and doubt if the friendship ever meant anything to Kara.

But, I do think that Lena also realizes that Lex would only give her this information if it would turn her to his side. So on that perspective, she’ll try to not let this shake her, as not to become like him, perhaps with the use of her infamous boxes?

And maybe she can get some nice friendship time with the one friend that didn’t betray her, Sam? Or has the show already demoted her to Jeremiah-level and no one remembers she exists?

– Danae

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  1. SUCH A GOOD POINT ABOUT THE JEANS. Lena is in a real rough headspace at game night, isn’t she? 🙂

    Danae, I like your idea about the picture frame. You’re right that a broken mirror or piece of glass is signaling a damaged relationship. It’s a little on-the-nose, but I love those kinds of visual devices. There’s always a way to heal so maybe Kara and Lena will work on it. But, let’s hope for some good DRAMA first.

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