Listener Email: Comic Moments
08 Jan. 2019

Listener Email: Comic Moments

Alex wrote in to share some thoughts on the Elseworlds crossover!

Although I did like last year’s crossover better, this was okay.

The Supergirl¬†episode of the crossover seemed more like an audition for a possible Superman spin-off series. The introduction of Lois Lane, Clark’s proposal to Lois, the revelation that Lois is pregnant, and that Clark and Lois will be staying on Argo for an extended period, seemed like a setup for a new series.

My favorite part of the crossover was the Flash episode. So many small, but good comic moments, particularly:

– Oliver puffing out his chest during his first introduction to Clark Kent
– Kara flipping the caps off beer bottles with her thumbs
– Barry originally liking the idea of switching identities with Oliver, until he saw Iris flirting with Oliver
– Barry not knowing how to put on the Green Arrow suit

– Alex

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