Listener Email: Choosing to Tell Lena
09 May. 2019

Listener Email: Choosing to Tell Lena

Jessica wrote in with some thoughts and questions about the Supergirl season four episode titled “Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?”!

Hi, ladies!

1. Did Lena say that she knew Red Daughter wasn’t Bizarro because she “checked” or did I misunderstand? I thought that was really interesting. Does she just have access to all DEO info now?

2. Lena’s tactical heel made me so happy and I love that we had a physical fight scene with her and Eve. I wasn’t really expecting it, but it was great! Also, Kara¬†fighting a group of cloned Eves was pretty entertaining and that spin move at the end was awesome!

3. What was the purple lightning? Did I miss the info on that? Also, I found it a bit silly that Kara could exit the plane without some sort of alarm or system warning or any other indication from Lena’s technically advanced plane, but I still loved that scene quite a bit.

4. I really, really hope that Kara gets to be the one to tell Lena the truth. I feel like her verbally committing to tell her after the stuff with Lex is wrapped up is great, but also setting it up for things to go wrong. I wish she would have told Lena in Kaznia, especially since she knows that Lex, Red Daughter, Eve, and Lillian all know her secret. Lena has been opening up to her a lot, but since that didn’t happen, I would hate to see Kara not get to be the one to tell her. I feel like she has had limited choice in who she told because either someone else told them or they figured it out. I would like Lena to be one she actually gets to choose to tell.

5. I liked the character development between Alex and Kelly, but it’s really a shame to have such a big life event happen for Alex while Kara isn’t there, especially since they haven’t even talked about it all season. The situation was unique, but felt out of place in the season (like this should have been in episode two or something), but getting to know Kelly better is good.

6. I have loved seeing Kara actually be an investigative reporter these past couple episodes! I hope this is something the writers figure out how to balance better going forward, even after she decides to go full Supergirl again. It’s a tool she could have been utilizing a lot more than she has.

7. I feel like Kara (not Supergirl) came into contact with Kryptonite more these past couple episodes than she has the entire series. I also kind of laughed at the side-eye she gave the Harun-El when Lena picked up the vial.

8. The stuff with Lockwood and Brainy was only interesting because Lockwood’s son turned against him. I was so annoyed that Lockwood injected himself and has powers.

9. Lastly, I loved that Kara sympathized with Red Daughter and even said it could have been her. I’m looking forward to seeing them interact and how this all plays out.

– Jessica

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  1. daryl washington says:

    1. alex was the one who actually said that. 3. the purple lighting was never exactly explained. lena just said it was probably something lex did and moved on from there

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