Listener Email: Call Me Jimmy
02 Nov. 2019

Listener Email: Call Me Jimmy

Gina wrote in with some thoughts about the Supergirl season five episode titled “In Plain Sight”!

Hey, Supergirl Radio!

– I didn’t realize James was going to leave so soon in the season. I guess it makes sense that it would be before the crossover event. Or, does it? As much as I’ve harped on James, especially in the last few seasons, I actually felt feelings when he was making his exit. His speech to Kara was hitting more of the feels that I thought it would. I kinda wished it was in a more private arena, but in that short speech, it really did bring back the reason James has always been important to the show, and most importantly, Kara.

Also, I couldn’t have smiled any bigger when he told the kid, “Call me Jimmy.” And mostly because when I saw his name on the door of his new place of employment, I was disappointment it didn’t say “Jimmy Olsen”.

– Lena, Lena…How did I not see that coming that she is somehow either teaming up with Malefic or using him for her bidding? At this point, I’m not sure how to feel about Lena. I like her nice and gray. But this whole diabolical, bad intentions towards our precious Kara….I just can’t stand behind her, no matter how cute her jumper under the blazer looked while doing science.

– Overall, the episode seemed a little all over the place but still had such great elements to it. Plus, it’s opened up this mystery with Andrea that’s gotten my attention!



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