Listener Email: Brainy Gone Dark?
18 May. 2019

Listener Email: Brainy Gone Dark?

New Rachel wrote in to share some thoughts about the Supergirl season four penultimate episode titled “Red Dawn”!

Dear Supergirl Radio,

It happened! Alex got her memories back in the penultimate episode!

Happened at the worst possible time, but still, that storyline was great and I really loved seeing the younger Danvers Sisters’ actresses back, as well as Eliza! Also, it was appropriate that this episode aired on Mother’s Day, given that we got, not only Eliza, but also Lillian returning.

Jesse Rath is incredible and is it terrible of me to say that I really want more of this version of Brainy, now that he’s gone dark? It’d be good to learn more about what’s going on there and I think any version of Brainiac would make a great villain for next season. Still don’t understand how he’s in love with Nia when they’re not even dating yet, but then again, we might not be able to understand his concept of love, whether it be platonic or romantic. Although, does this mean Nura would no longer exist, if he gets back to normal and he and Nia resume their relationship?

Stay super,

New Rachel

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