Listener Email: Alex’s Memories
25 Jan. 2019

Listener Email: Alex’s Memories

Cameron sent in some thoughts and questions about the Supergirl season four episode titled, “Suspicious Minds”!

Hi, Rebecca and Morgan!

Missed the deadline to email before the latest podcast, but so glad to hear you ladies again!  Always a highlight to my week.

This episode left me truly traumatized at the end. Usually, I’ll rewatch right away, but this time it took me four days to go back and even then, I was hesitant. I don’t think I can handle it.

So on to my thoughts on the episode and your podcast:

When Tan tells the Superfam that the President said to cut ties with all alien personnel, should they be worried about Brainy? What if his contraption that hides his alien form gets hacked again? Is he in danger working there?

And now the main issue with the episode…the mind wipe.

This was so heartbreaking. Since they have to erase any knowledge that Kara is Supergirl, will that mean Alex won’t even know she is an alien? If so, there are so many things that are going to not make sense to Alex.

1. Why did Jeremiah have to join the DEO?

2. Why did the Danvers adopt Kara? Will they even be as close sisters without this history? For that matter, we can go even way deeper and wonder why any of the events of the episode Alex happened. She got kidnapped so Supergirl will break someone out of jail. There are so many things in the past that won’t make any sense

3. So…Alex won’t know who Superman is either?

4. If they only took out knowledge that Kara is Supergirl and kept the alien part, won’t Alex go “Hmm…my sister has very similar powers as Supergirl, but I don’t know who Supergirl is.”

5. Someone needs to tell Eliza this is happening because their interactions are going to be sooooo different (ie. no more using heat vision on the Thanksgiving turkey, but hopefully this will get resolved before Thanksgiving)

6. Will Alex still have the same morals of treating aliens humanely or will she be another Haley?

7. Won’t Alex even wonder why she is in the DEO since without an alien in her life as an impetus, there’s no reason for her to join?

8. What about the Alura hologram room? Soooooo Manyyyyyyy Hoooolllllleessss!!!

9. J’onn’s mindwiping is him taking the whole promise to Jeremiah to take care of the girls to a whole new level.

Then there’s the sad fact that Supergirl really is alone now. It’s like Kara has lost her world again. Technically, she does still have J’onn and Brainy, but it’s not the same. With J’onn, it’ll be close to what she had with Alex though in the familial sense.  It makes me really wish Lena knew her identity because she’d have her best friend to help her. And don’t even get me started on the whole Kara can’t tell Lena. At this point, the writers are just insulting us to have Lena be able to calmly talk to James about all the lies and secrets they have and everything is fine, but for some reason she can’t with Kara?

Back to James and Lena, and his interest in Lena giving people super powers… I totally had the same thought and hope that James would turn into a turtle. I am down for that!

I really love you guys’ idea for them to have to deal with Haley know Kara’s secret and ditch the DEO. That would’ve been way better. I agree with your assessment of how Haley could’ve responded better when Supergirl saved her. Instead her attitude was completely unrelenting and unrealistic. I get your anger about Alex choosing her job over her sister, but if she did leave the DEO, it could go back to how it was when the original Hank Henshaw was running it and nobody wants that.  And yes, the other DEO agents are incompetent and easily led because they clearly didn’t tell Haley that they don’t use lethal force anymore. Props for them trying to keep the secret and allowing their minds to be wiped though. They tried.

And any thought I had that Haley was in a grey area and could possibly be an ally has gone out the window.

I think the memory wipe won’t last long because there are so many holes now in Alex’s life that the sister connection will be so strong that it breaks through the wipe.

As a side note, Morgan mentions the little truth alien in the tank and it makes me think that Alex isn’t really a good director and I’ve thought this back when Kara got kryptonite poisoning.

1. She didn’t even know what this truth alien is that they’ve had in DEO custody.

2. When Kara got hit by the kryptonite, she didn’t even know what the alarms were for at the DEO. Makes me wonder, did she get any info on how to run the DEO?

This episode was so-so and left me extremely sad, but it was still interesting and I can’t wait to see what happens next and hopefully, it doesn’t drag on like the rest of the plots this season, which by the way, are way too many that I’m not even interested anymore ie. Children of Liberty and Red Daughter. Though, that last one is a little more interesting and hopefully, will make sense. Just glad this episode wasn’t a “topical” one.

Regarding the exercise preferences, I think Brainy would do Tai Chi. It’s very calming and focused. Also goes with his fighting the Children of Liberty using physics.

– Cameron

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