Listener Email: Adoption Options
09 May. 2019

Listener Email: Adoption Options

New Rachel wrote in to share some thoughts about the Supergirl season four episode titled “Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?”!

Dear Supergirl Radio,

Does Lockwood getting Kryptonian powers mean he’s technically reprising his role as Doomsday? (I know he just played the human version of Doomsday. Itt’s still funny that said role is still relevant for him ten years later.)

That said, there are still too many Kryptonians or people with their powers, and with this, the season still doesn’t break the trend of having a Kryptonian-equivalent Big Bad at the end. Maybe this will change in season five, but we have no way of knowing that yet.

Anyway, while we’re still on the subject of Lockwood, do you think Alex is going to adopt Lockwood’s son at the end of the season or will he die before that happens? Also, once Lockwood’s done with the DEO and probably dies, could Colonel Haley take his place as Director of Alien Affairs (assuming that’s still a meaningful/relevant position on Earth-38 after all of this)?

I really enjoyed Alex and Kelly in this episode, as much as I thought Kelly’s sad backstory was extremely unnecessary. They probably will end up dating and I’m all for it. Although, maybe Alex could try going into foster care before jumping in completely with adoption? It’s worked for my family before we adopted so she might find success there as well.

I’m also glad that Lena and Kara went to Kaznia and got to learn all that they could about Lex’s plans. I’m gonna be completely honest, I forgot that the duplicating alien was in 4×04 so I thought he was retconned into being there, but apparently not. Although, if Lex was experimenting on aliens from the DEO Batcave, does that means he knows about or used Bizarro in his efforts working on Red Daughter?

Finally, I loved Brainy’s heroic moment in standing up to Lockwood and getting the DEO agents to remember what they really stand for as well as J’onn’s subsequent moment of coming back and beating Lockwood as well.

Stay super,

New Rachel

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