Listener Email: A Return to Supergirl
26 Sep. 2018

Listener Email: A Return to Supergirl

A listener named Rikard wrote in to let us know what brought him back The CW’s Supergirl.

Back in late 2017, I decided to stop watching Supergirl because I didn’t like the first few episodes of Season 3 at all. Seeing Kara be mopey over Mon-El (a character I didn’t like whatsoever) just didn’t work for me. That, in combination with the fact the I knew he would return, just made me quit the show.

But now, after having some free time, I decided to pick the show up again (admittedly, knowing that Mon-El would leave for good at the end of Season 3 helped). I have to say that I am glad I did because I ended up really liking the season. Reign was my favorite Supergirl Big Bad BY FAR, I really liked the Sam character, and even though he never completely won me over, Mon-El was nowhere near as bad in Season 3.

My main frustration in Season 3 was actually Kara herself. The way she treated Lena just pisses me off. It makes absolutely no sense for her not to tell Lena her about her secret identity and I will be madder about it when Lena turns evil after learning that her supposed best friend has been lying to her all this time. I have never wanted Lena to turn evil because I think it is the boring and obvious thing to do.

Lastly, I have been listening to some of your podcast episodes for Season 3 and you are still great (at the start of the season, you were actually much better than the TV episodes, themselves).

– Rikard

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  1. daryl washington says:

    thank you for your thoughts. coming from a fellow fan of the podcast i enjoyed them very much and agree with you greatly. what upset me the most is when alex, lena, and kara were in the dark valley and kara just threw lena’s last name in her face. she is supposed to be the one person in the entire city who is supposed to see past lena’s last name yet in that moment she proved herself no better than anyone else who didn’t trust her just because luthor was her last name

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