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21 Nov. 2018

Listener Email: 0 to 100

Gina wrote in with some thoughts on the Supergirl Season Four episode titled “Call to Action”!

Hi, Supergirl Radio!

You gotta love these Thanksgiving episodes of this show! You can always rely on Helen Slater showing up and pie is always involved one way or another.

First of all, I enjoyed the Danvers sisters banding together to continue the investigation when Colonel Haley said otherwise. It was fun watching them “not” tell Brainy to look into it and his utter confusion. It’s good to see Kara and Alex go with their guts instead of following orders to stay put. It’s always been the Danvers way, for better or for worse.

J’onn reaching out to Manchester for Thanksgiving was so Space Dad. I really liked how he thought of Manchester and it was nice that Manchester called it out and appreciated it. I also do like Manchester himself. While I don’t necessarily like his tactics of getting information, he serves as a different point of view in this fight against Agent Liberty and his crew.

I was a little nervous about Kara going on national television on a debate show. I don’t know why I should’ve been; she’s done it before… a few times. Maybe the debating part was the difference since, in the past as Supergirl, it has been her talking directly to the camera. However, I wondered how great of an idea it was to go on TV as Kara, period. It’s one thing to be a reporter; it’s a whole other thing to be on TV. If you don’t want more and more people putting pieces together and making comparisons, then it probably wasn’t a great idea. Honestly, and it has been said on the show before by James, the reason the Kara/Supergirl guise works is because no one really notices Kara, especially outside of CatCo. So people unable to connect a nobody to being Supergirl seemed to make sense.  (Why do you think Cat figured it out besides being so good at her job as a reporter?)

The James/Lena tension probably would have been more interesting if they had more of a build up. I get that Lena did help James out of the Guardian mess in the first episode behind his back, and we knew that would lead to nothing good, but for some reason, this odd tension went from 5 mph to 100 mph in this episode.

Another thing that went from 0 to 100 was Lena’s complete fear of a civil war between humans and aliens. From what I have seen, it’s really just the humans attacking aliens. Besides that dragon, I really haven’t seen aliens retaliate. I understand this fear (and maybe the fight with James? Really?) is what will drive her to go to extremes, but it just seemed sudden. Like the writers suddenly realized where in the season they were and thought, “Oh, no. We need to get Lena to this mental state before the crossover!”

I think I’ve realized why James annoys me so much as Guardian. It’s his ego. It’s as big as his shoulders, if not more. Sometimes, the way he talks about being Guardian is so conceited, it’s not even funny. Like the other week, when Nia told him not to go out there while Kara was in her Daft Punk suit, he was all like, “Heroes go out there, even when they know something bad’s gonna happen. That’s what makes them heroes.” That’s a great quote if he’s talking about someone like Supergirl or Alex or a firefighter or police officer. But the fact he was talking about himself…ugh. And ::rolling my eyes::

Anyway, despite certain aspects of the episode that seemed to get there too fast, I enjoyed it. I just wished they would give Supergirl more action like they’ve given James or even Manchester Black. Okay, so she had a dragon to fight in this one, but I feel like they gave her more hand to hand combat in past seasons.

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving, y’all!

– Gina

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