Listener Email: Acknowledging the Past
25 Apr. 2018

Listener Email: Acknowledging the Past

Alejandra wrote us an email to express thoughts on Sam coming to terms with being Reign, James and Lena as a couple, and the current state of Kara and Mon-El.

The journey of Sam accepting the truth was heartbreaking and full of tragedy. I gasped at what Sam told Lena about being a Luthor! It was so mean and she didn’t deserve it! Whoever wrote that line…why? But also, great job! Being told you are a supervillain and a murderer would definitely make anyone upset and put you in a stage of denial. Lena walking into Sam’s cell to comfort her, despite knowing that she’s Reign, is one of the reasons why I love that reckless billionaire. She’s a good friend.

I get the feeling that from here on, everything is going south and it’s going to be heartbreaking…but, I’m here for it.

Also, I’m getting fond of James and Lena as a couple. I liked their interactions and the way James was being understanding and helpful and simply being a good friend/partner/whatever they are.

Overall, I’ve been enjoying Kara’s journey this season and I’m glad that finally, the writers acknowledged Mon-El’s past behavior towards Kara. I only hope they don’t use this as a way to throw them back together. Let’s remember that he’s a married man so if they could drop the love triangle stuff, it would be perfect. I would say that I’m Mon-positive this week.

Finally, Pam from HR!!! I’m sure Winn’s mom and her ideas of workers not being paid enough to care and unionizing caused a lot of paperwork for Pam.

– Alejandra

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