Supergirl Radio of Tomorrow – Issue #2
23 Jul. 2021

Supergirl Radio of Tomorrow – Issue #2

With her usual co-host (Morgan Glennon) under the weather, Supergirl Radio’s Rebecca Johnson invites viewers into the live stream and is joined by Donna, Mark, and New Rachel to discuss and review Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #2!

Official Description for Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #2: “After the shocking conclusion of last issue, Supergirl and her new friend Ruthye find themselves stranded with no way to pursue Krem, the murderous kingsagent. Each moment this fugitive roams free, the more beings become dangerously close to dying by his hand. There is no time to lose, so our heroes must now travel across the universe the old-fashioned way…by cosmic bus!

Little do they know, their journey will be a dark one filled with terrors that not even the Maid of Might is prepared to face! Can Kara Zor-El lie low long enough to ensure their safe passage?”

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