DC TV Podcasts Charity 2020: Supergirl Radio Awards – Season 5
25 Jun. 2020

DC TV Podcasts Charity 2020: Supergirl Radio Awards – Season 5

On Saturday, June 20, Rebecca Johnson was joined by Supergirl Radio friend and guest, Dave Jones, for the DC TV Podcasts’ sixth annual charity podcast marathon to raise money for Feeding America! During the LIVE [and WIRED] show, Rebecca, Dave, and the chat room chose winners for the Season 5 Supergirl Radio Awards!

On behalf of DC TV Podcasts: a big thank you to everyone who donated and participated in the chat throughout the day! While the fundraiser did hit its goal, you can still donate to Feeding America.

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2 Responses

  1. Lin Workman says:

    Congrats on beating your goal. Enjoyed your penultimate hour of the DCTV marathon. Agree with Rebecca on Morgan/H.OP.E. voice as V.I.P. this year.

    Bummed about not going to cons this year. Always like listening to your episodes in the car with my wife- it’s how I first started listening to your show. Listen at work on in the Batcave these days.

    Happy belated birthday to Michael. HOPE is was a \S/uper one.

    Type at ya later!


  2. Hey, Lin!

    We were very happy that we were able to surpass our goal! We have a lot of great listeners who jumped in to support a worthy cause.

    Glad you enjoyed the PENULTIMATE hour.

    Morgan’s H.O.P.E. voice truly was the V.I.P.

    I will miss going to my cons, especially, Dragon Con, which is my happy place and a place where I can enjoy seeing friends and indulge in nerdy pursuits. It’s something I look forward to every year and I’m pretty sure it will get cancelled like most other events. Oh, well. Things are what they are, unfortunately. Maybe we’ll be able to gather in 2021.

    Thanks for listening in the Batcave and hope that you and your wife are well!

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